social  media 

audit & strategy


one  time  payment

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool, but with constantly changing algorithms and trends, getting the most out of your social media marketing can be tough. We keep up with current social media best practices for you! Let us evaluate your current social media pages, then create a social media audit, marketing strategy and plan of action through a social media calendar. Put our recommendations into action and watch your following grow!

set-up  or  update social  media  pages


one  time  payment

Your social media pages say a lot about your business, incomplete or lacking pages make you look unprofessional and your page harder to find. Let us set up professional business pages on social media with the latest features, search engine optimization and a look that represents your brand. We will also format a profile photo and header/cover photo using your existing logo for an additional $25.

basic social media management

$600  annually 

monthly and quarterly payment  plan  available

Getting the most out of social media requires strategic, timely posts targeting your audience, and knowledge of the current algorithms and best practices. If you’re running your own business, chances are you don’t have time to keep your social media up-to-date. Let us grow your social media following and business for you. We’ll pin-point your audience, create strategic posts, and grow your following. Each month we will create 3-4 posts per week promoting current sale offers, upcoming events, and more. You'll also have the option to send us up to four posts each month via text or email. You'll also receive a quarterly report on your social media growth and engagement. 

sale  animal  catalog  style  album

$15 per head

one time payment

We’ve taken promoting animals on social media to the next level. Rather than posting a low-quality photo with a link to the animal’s registration information, we’ll create a graphic displaying a high-quality photo of the animal with other relevant information (i.e. EPDs, pedigree, registration information, etc.) similar to what you’d see in a well-done sale catalog. We’ll also include a link to the animal’s registration information and/or your website. As we want to accurately represent your animal, a high-quality photo must be in our possession or provided for these posts.

social media  ad

$75 ad design +  one week ad

one time payment

The truth is, social platforms' “Boost Post” button isn’t worth your money. Those posts may gain more views, but those views are rarely by potential clients. Let us strategically design an ad for your goals. Then we’ll pin point your target audience so your ad shows up in the newsfeeds that count. Social media is the cheapest means of advertisement and if done correctly, it can be the most effective. Let’s visit about your goals, then grow your business through social media. Add $20 for each additional week you’d like the ad to run.