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PART SEVEN: i think that was our summer

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

What level of 2020 are we on now? Where did I leave off? I think it was the first part of June which was when all the rioting was kicking off... Who knows? I've quit keeping up with the 2020 crazy. I have enough to keep up with in my own little wild world.

Anyways, despite all the insanity, we were settling into our own version of insanity down on the bayou in Louisiana.

Once we settled into the Louisiana lifestyle I decided I needed a new hairdo to go with my new living situation. I'll have you know I wisely hired someone to cut my bangs rather than cut them myself like I did when I was three. However, since the original cut I've trimmed them myself multiple times. The first couple times were near disasters, but thankfully bangs grow fast and my momma finally taught me a trick for cutting them even (or mostly even). Personally, I love my bangs. I've since cut them a little thicker than the first time. I think they're a bit retro and they cover my forehead which I've always found annoying.

Meanwhile Dusty settled into his new job as Executive Vice President for the Louisiana Cattlemen's Association. He's adorable and I love him. I might be a little biased, but he's doing an awesome job even with all the craziness. You rock, babe!

Two weeks into living in LA and 3.5 months after our wedding, I FINALLY hit the road to see my family. I can't tell you how hard it was on me to be away from my family that long. After a year and a half of dating Dusty long distance I'm grateful for every second I get to spend with him, but I still miss my people. On my way northwest, I stopped in at a client's place in Texas and spent a morning riding around shooting ranch shots for their social media management package. Peep the super cute camera strap Dusty got me for Christmas (it's so comfy) and my new LCA visor.

My Oklahoma visit was spent enjoying time with my precious bunch of kiddos, visiting my bestie and her baby, and picking up Lizzie June.

On our way back to Louisiana, Lizzie visited Buc-cee's for the first time. It was a life-changing experience for her I'm sure. She also truly enjoyed being the only child while it lasted. Just look at the joy on her adorable little face.

Much to Lizzie's dismay we headed to Tennessee for 4th of July weekend where we picked up her brother, Bandit. We also got to spend some time with our niece and nephew, eat steak, shoot off some fireworks, and celebrate the greatest country in the world!

Just before the second weekend in July I got a call from good 'ol Dr./Rev. Mackey, our friend, go-to vet, and the man with the mullet at the alter on our wedding day. On that call we devised a magnificent plan to surprise Dusty. I managed to keep Doc's upcoming visit a secret and secure us a pontoon boat for the following Saturday.

Friday evening Doc pulled in the driveway just ahead of us and Dusty started to say something to the effect of, "Who does this guy think he is..." Until he recognized the driver. I've never seen a sweeter reunion. You know that magical moment when friends are reunited on tv shows and they're running to each other's embrace in slow-motion. Yup. That's how sweet it was... We called it an early birthday weekend and had the best time out on the False River in New Roads, LA.

We spent the next week at home and then we headed back to Oklahoma just before my birthday. Momma surprised us with a joint Bob Ross themed birthday dinner. How fitting?

We also gave miss Ella an early birthday gift we'd been working on for her. Dusty made her a papoose for her baby doll and I made a dreamcatcher for decoration. We had a blast making it and I think Ella was pretty excited.

On my birthday, Dusty flew out to Colorado for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association summer meetings. Meanwhile, I spent time with my people, rode my pretty paint horse Cowboy Blue, and ate good Mexican food. Thank you, Momma and Daddy!

We wrapped up the Oklahoma trip with a John Deere baby shower for Hank, Mariah, and baby Kyler! I had the most fun getting all the cute baby shower things. Shout out to Babcakes Bakery for the precious cookies and Iron Tree Coffee for the perfect location.

I think that was our summer. And then came hurricane season....

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