You brand your cattle and you should brand your business too! It's the foundation of your marketing efforts and the image customers and potential customers think of when they hear your name. Make it impactful. 
Our logo design process starts with a consultation where we'll discuss who you are and what your business is all about. We want to really get to know you so we know how to best represent you.
Let us know, if you have a holding brand we'll incorporate it into your logo design as well. Still need a holding brand? We'll help you develop that too! 
After your consultation, we'll start sketching.
You'll receive an initial concept and color scheme based on ideas we discussed during your consultation. You'll then have the opportunity to make any edits to the design before we finalize.
Once those edits are made, you'll have one more opportunity to give your final approval. At that time if further changes are requested they will be charged at an hourly rate of $45.
  • Logo in Color on Transparent Background as AI, JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, & EPS
  • Logo in Color on Solid Background as AI, JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, & EPS
  • Logo in Grayscale (Black or White) on Transparent Background as AI, JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, & EPS
  • Logo in Grayscale (Black or White) on Solid Background as AI, JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, & EPS
  • Social Media Profile Image & Social Media Cover Image as PNGs
That's 26 logo files so you have everything you need to brand your business! 
We'll also handle ordering promotional items featuring your logo. Just let us know what products you're interested in!
Promo item prices vary.




Ad design is one of our favorite services! Much like our logo design process, ad designs start with a consultation to learn more about who you are and what your genetics have to offer. We'll also consider your audience and ad placement. During this consultation we'll also gather any details we'll need for the ad like contact information, animal registration numbers, EPDs, performance numbers, footnotes, etc. 
Once we've mapped out a design plan we'll get to work. You'll then receive an ad design proof ready for your edits or approval. Once any final edits are made we'll finalize your ad for the appropriate placement. 
With each initial ad design you'll receive a PDF and PNG version of the ad for print and digital placement. 
After the initial ad design if you need to modify your ad with new contact information or change ad sizes for a new placement, rather than charging for a whole new design, we only charge a $50 ad change fee. 
Let us know where you'll be publishing your ad and we'll communicated directly with the publication to ensure we meet their specifications exactly. Once you approve the design we'll handle sending formatted files to the publications of your choice. 
If you plan to print your ad as a flier, let us know how many you'll need and we'll ship high quality prints to your door.
Printing costs vary. 


$275 initial design

$50 per ad size change Or Update


You've probably heard it before, but I'll say it again, when it comes to advertising your livestock "no photo is better than a bad photo."
Cell phone shots can be great for quick social media status updates, but they will never replace the impact of a professional image. Not to mention, cell phone shots just won't work for print advertisements and banners.
On ranch photo days we'll focus on getting high-resolution images of individual animals you need to promote (i.e. herd sires, donors, sale animals, etc.) and grab plenty of ranch/pasture shots as well for use on your social media, website, and future advertisements. 
After your photo day, we'll edit photos and send you our best work along with a print release as a digital download and on a flash drive.
***We handle livestock photo editing ethically. We WILL NOT remove brands, horns/scurs (even if you "plan to dehorn"), or any permanent physical defects. We WILL remove flies, mud, grass, minor scratches, and extra hair.***


$750 + travel


Our websites are built for functionality. Each site is desktop and mobile device formatted, designed to fit your brand, and Search-Engine-Optimized so your operation is easy to find on Google (and other search engines). Plus, we'll Google list your ranch so your page ranks higher in Google search results.
First, we'll visit about what your website needs to do for your operation. Then, we'll develop a website design plan together. We charge per page so you only pay for what you need. Plus, we offer payment plans to fit any budget!


$350 per web page


There's a lot that goes into keeping a website up-to-date whether you need to add animals for sale regularly, list upcoming sales/events, update site advertisements, or simply check on your analytics (everyone wants to know how well their site is preforming for them). 
Through our annual website management you'll receive unlimited website updates throughout the year and quarterly reports on your site's traffic/performance. Plus, we'll check in on your site every single month just to make sure everything's running smoothly and up-to-date. Pay upfront, quarterly, or monthly!


$700 annually


Social media is an effective means of marketing when managed properly, but with ever-changing algorithms succeeding with social media can be a time-consuming challenge. We'll save you the hassle so you can focus on raising top-notch genetics!
Through this package we'll visit your ranch twice annually. Each visit we'll spend a full day creating captivating images to promote your operation on social media and quality images of individual animals. We'll also create graphic content for your page throughout the year. 
We'll follow best practices for your platform and ensure your page stays relevant, engages users, and grows each month. 
  • Annual Social Media Management
  • Quarterly Performance Reports
  • Two Full Photo Days
  • All Created Content for Personal Use (Photos & Graphics as digital downloads)
Payment plans available.


$2100 + travel


Send us your logo or ranch name and we'll create a custom profile and cover image for your platform. We'll also create custom graphics with your branding for each calendar holiday throughout the year. You'll receive each graphic as a PNG ready to share on your social media. 
Have something else in mind for social media graphics? Contact us for a quote! 




Hitting the "Boost Post" button just isn't effective. Especially, if you have a niche market (like livestock). Boosting a post blasts that post to random newsfeeds that likely aren't interested in your product. Sure, you might have thousands of views on the post, but how many of those viewers contacted you to purchase semen or interested in coming to look at a heifer?
Instead of blasting to a random audience, we will create an audience to fit your market. We'll select individuals based on demographics, interests, social habits, and recent searches. So the newsfeeds your post interacts with count!
This is a great tool to use to grow your page following, promote an upcoming event, or advertise specific animals/genetics. 
***Must provide photo, video, or graphic content for advertisement.***


$75 for the first week of targeting + $20 per additional week


Send us video content of your sale animals, your logo, and a sale advertisement. We'll create a promotional video to promote your upcoming event/genetics. You'll receive your edited video file along with a YouTube link to easily share your video online. 
Visit our YouTube channel to see examples of our video editing work. 




Brochures are a great way to get all your information into potential customers' hands. Our brochure design service works exactly like ad designs. We'll have a consultation, create a design, get your approval, and have brochures shipped to your door. Just let us know how many you'd like to print! Printing prices vary.




Make an impact with a custom business card that fits your brand. We'll visit about your design ideas, gather your contact information, and create a unique design for your card. Once we have your design approval, let us know how many cards you'd like and we'll ship them to you! 
Plus, you'll receive a PDF of the design for business card size ad placement. 
Print costs vary.




Banners are a great way to stand out at sales and events. We'll design a banner that makes your booth/pen/stall pop! Let us know what style/size banner you'd like, send us your information, and we'll send you a design to approve. Once you've approved the design we'll have the banner printed and shipped to you! 
Printing costs vary.