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Beefmaster Breeders United: The Internship

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

A year ago this week, I walked into the Beefmaster Breeders United office in Boerne, Texas for the first time. I didn't know then what a huge step I was taking in my career, but I was excited to be reaching a long-time goal.

My family has raised commercial Beefmaster cattle for around 40 years now. I've grown up loving the breed and seeing the commercial side of the business.

When I decided to major in agricultural communications, promoting Beefmaster cattle was the ultimate goal. I assumed this would be accomplished through working for BBU. I also assumed that opportunity would come around years after graduation, but instead, I was given the opportunity to intern with BBU during Summer 2018.

During the internship, I worked primarily under Jerayln Novak, BBU communications coordinator.

My intern duties included assisting in creating eNews emails, interviewing board members and writing profile features for the Beefmaster Cowman magazine. I also designed a brochure for the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association, assisted in preparations for the JBBA National Show and Convention, and photographed JBBA Nationals for the Beefmaster Cowman. Plus, I assisted with social media outreach, office paperwork, and handled phone calls.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend BBU committee meetings which gave me a great understanding of the innerworkings of an association.

After JBBA Nationals, the internship came to an end at the 2018 Agricultural Media Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. There, Jeralyn and I attended educational seminars and networked with other communication professionals.

The internship itself was fantastic! The people I was able to work alongside were even better. I truly cannot speak highly enough of the folks at BBU. They are some of the kindest people and truly made me feel like part of the family.

When I left the internship, I was determined to take those friendships with me and stay involved in the association as much as possible.

Fast forward a year, and it feels like it's been about five years since the internship.

In the last 12 months, I've graduated with my bachelor's, launched a marketing consultancy (Extra Dimension Marketing), and become even more involved in the Beefmaster breed.

Extra Dimension Marketing started last fall when one Beefmaster breeder contacted me about creating a marketing campaign. I jumped at the opportunity! I also started attending my clients' sales where I was able to network with breeders and spend time with friends I'd made during the internship. Since then, Extra Dimension Marketing has continued to grow!

No, I'm not working directly for BBU, but I'm more involved than ever before. I get to talk to the breeders themselves. I get to know their families (and their cattle). I get to tell their story while promoting the breed I so love. It just doesn't get any better than that. Growing a business is not easy, but I truly love what I do and that is so very worth it.

If you'd have told me then, what doors the BBU internship would open for me, I wouldn't have believed you.

Moral of the story: God has a plan and His plan is usually a whole lot bigger than yours.

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