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Dear Creatives & Communicators - Use Honeybooks - (And take 50% OFF through my link!)

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

A year ago, I was "managing" my business via excel spreadsheets, pen and notebook, a planner, various apps on my phone, sticky notes, Gmail, PayPal... You name it, I probably used it. At the end of each month I would try to organize things to determine what projects I had booked or completed, who paid their invoice and who had yet to be invoiced, how much time I spent on projects, etc.... It was a MESS.

Something had to change if I was going to continue growing my business and operate in a professional manner.

And that's when I found Honeybooks.

Friends, if you're a creative or communicator managing your own business, you simply can't afford not to be using Honeybooks.