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Dear Creatives & Communicators - Use Honeybooks - (And take 50% OFF through my link!)

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

A year ago, I was "managing" my business via excel spreadsheets, pen and notebook, a planner, various apps on my phone, sticky notes, Gmail, PayPal... You name it, I probably used it. At the end of each month I would try to organize things to determine what projects I had booked or completed, who paid their invoice and who had yet to be invoiced, how much time I spent on projects, etc.... It was a MESS.

Something had to change if I was going to continue growing my business and operate in a professional manner.

And that's when I found Honeybooks.

Friends, if you're a creative or communicator managing your own business, you simply can't afford not to be using Honeybooks.

This client/business management service was built with creatives in mind. That means if you're a photographer, graphic designer, web designer, videographer, communicator, or all of the above, this program will change your life. Seriously.


Contracts - Honeybooks supplies basic contracts (like project agreements, print releases, etc.) that you can then customize to meet your needs. Plus, you can create and upload your own documents as well. These contracts can then be sent directly to your clients, electronically signed, and saved in your client portal.

Client Management - Every time you add a new client or prospective client you'll create a profile for them. This allows you to communicate with the client through Honeybooks using your own email and branding. You'll be able to send and receive documents, invoices, and more. Plus, you can manage multiple projects for a single client in their portal.

Billing/Finances - This is a one-stop-shop when it comes to managing your business' income and expenses. Create and send invoices via email (or print them off and mail them if you're old school). Clients will be able to pay directly online through Honeybooks via credit or debit card. Note: this is a 3% charge so you'll want to tack this onto invoices that will be payed online. You can also allow clients to set up automatic payments drafted out of their bank account. You can also send invoices, allow clients to pay via cash or check, and then mark those invoices 'paid via cash' in Honeybooks. Additionally, you will be able to log business expenses. Honeybooks will automatically track income/expenses and let you know how your business is preforming. Oh, and it'll sync with your QuickBooks account too.

Project Management and Scheduling - This has been another huge benefit of using Honeybooks. Create 'To-Do' lists, track time spent on projects, and utilize their project pipeline to keep track of your work and stay on task. Plus, schedule projects, meetings, phone calls and more through your Honeybooks calendar.

Emails - You can communicate with your clients via email individually or create batch emails to send out to your entire contact list.

The App - Yes, there's an app which means you can do all this on the go.

This list barely scratches the surface of Honeybooks' business management services.


So, the real questions is, what does it cost? You have a couple options.

Monthly - $40 per month

Annually - $400 ($34 per month)



The Honeybooks Team is awesome and super helpful when setting up your account, but I'm also more than happy to answer any questions you have getting started.


Emily Pendergrass, Extra Dimension Marketing

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