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Neighbor Is a Verb: Montana Residents form Nebraska Relief Effort

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Montana to Nebraska Flood Relief
Courtesy of Montana to Nebraska Flood Relief Facebook Page

Farmers, ranchers, and good Samaritans in Montana are paying it forward – bringing relief to their fellow producers in Nebraska and they could use more help.

“There is a quote, ‘They say neighbor is a verb,’ and there’s a lot of truth to that,” Michael Takeuchi, a Columbus, Montana resident ready to assist those recovering from devastating weather in Nebraska, said.

“I figured I could do something to help, so I made a Facebook post asking if anyone was interested in helping out those in Nebraska. The first response I got was, ‘I have a truck,’” he said.

Takeuchi said things escalated from there and more individuals reached out offering to lend a hand to producers in need. Anna Tooke-See was one of those individuals. The Columbus resident explained she grew up a “farm-kid” and identified with producers who lost their livelihood in the floods. Tooke-See was disappointed by mainstream media’s coverage of the damage in Nebraska and