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PART FIVE: big decisions, west Texas, marfa lights, and a mad dash to bayous and boudin

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

A LOT happened in May so let's just take it one week at a time.

Week One:

We returned home from Tennessee with a big decision to make in a small window of time. After a few days (that's really all the time we had) of fervent prayer and lots of discussion, we decide to take the job with LCA. Which meant, we'd be moving to a brand new state in less than a month. No pressure.

I immediately started packing whatever we weren't going to use in the next few weeks. The house hunting also commenced without a whole lot of luck.

And we realized we really didn't need my old truck and didn't want to mess with getting it to Louisiana. So we listed it for sale.

Oh and we soaked up as much of the Texas river wading and fishing as we could in the evenings.

Week Two:

We decided to go see our good friends the S