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PART THREE: that time we lived in the great state of Texas

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

We lived in the magnificent state of Texas for a short three months before the wild and crazy move to the swamp lands.

My entire life has been a series of me almost being back to my true homeland. I was born in Texas. I am a Texan. Texas is the best country in the nation and I want to live there.

When I was a small child, my parents moved me across the Red River into Okieland against my will. Since then I’ve come back multiple times, but I just can’t seem to make it stick. I moved back between junior college and finishing my bachelor’s. I moved back for an internship (where I met Dusty, but that’s another story). And finally, I moved back to start my new life as a married lady.

Apparently, I’m just not supposed to settle down in Texas…yet.

(All that being said, for the record, I’m glad to be in Louisiana and I definitely encouraged the move. More on that in Part Four.)

Despite Covid-19, our first month in Texas was full of little adventures.

I discovered Gibson’s which is the cutest little general store and has everything you could possibly need.

Dusty started teaching me how to tool and made me two beautiful belts in the process. I have a long way to go before anyone wants to wear something I’ve made.

We started feeding a “stray” cat on our front porch. We named him Tony. Tony had some freaky teleportation abilities going on… And then we realized there were three Tonys. So we then had Tony, Fat Tony, and Yellow-Eyed Tony. All very spoiled. All totally working the neighborhood. None actually stray. We kept feeding them nonetheless.

I named the little green lizard who lived under the porch step, Frank. Frank liked to sun in the same place on the porch every day. I discovered he enjoyed Dr Pepper as much as I do, but he does not enjoy being greeted loudly when he’s not expecting you. When greeted in such a way, he will flip out and end up falling off the porch railing. Not to worry, he survived.

We started a porch garden; one tomato and three kinds of bell peppers.

Dusty discovered he too enjoys painting. Watching Bob Ross and breaking out the canvas became a regular activity.

Dusty also built me a wife perch. I love it. He built and stained the lovely little bench one weekend and I picked out the pillows and cushion for it. This became my favorite reading, computer-work, phone call, waiting-on-Dusty-to-get-home spot. It now graces our Louisiana front porch.

We spent many evenings and weekends adventuring around one of the local rivers or state parks in the Fredericksburg area.

Here are a few shots from those adventures…

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