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PART TWO: the one with the honeymoon and the roommate and the covid

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Where were we? Ah yes, honeymooning in Louisiana.

Now, it's important to note, we had no clue we'd be moving to Louisiana a few short months later. We ended up honeymooning there partially due to convenience.

We got married in Franklin, Texas and we needed to be in Houston a few days later so we didn't want to go too far. And Dusty also happened to know of a cute little riverside cabin owned by some sweet friends of ours.

Our honeymoon was lovely and peaceful and so US.

We left Rolke Ranch around 4pm and drove a few hours east to Louisiana. Our first stop as a married couple was Buc-ee's which is just pretty great if you ask me.

Once in Louisiana we spent the next few days enjoying the view of the river from the cabin, eating leftover wedding food (thank you bridesmaids for boxing food up for us), riding horses, taking photos, playing board games, and looking at cows.