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Social Media: Facebook - Your Business Page

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Social Media

Often the first question I get in reference to marketing through social media is, "Do I need a public Facebook page for my _______ business?"

The answer is, YES! Social media is the cheapest form of advertisement you can utilize and can work extremely well in your marketing strategy.

Just consider this information from Facebook's investor relations; there are 2.41 billion monthly active users as of June 2019. That's 32% of the global population!

Facebook, as a marketing tool, has HUGE potential, but you must follow some guidelines to get the best results possible.

First off, as I mentioned before, don't try to market your business through your personal page.

Even personal pages with public settings have friend limits which means the number of people you can interact with is limited. Plus, personal pages aren't shown in outside news feeds. Creating targeted ads on a personal page isn't an option. (more on targeted ads in an upcoming post) It won't be search optimized. Frankly, it looks unprofessional and just doesn't work well.

Facebook built their business pages for businesses. Take advantage of that!

Setting Up Your Business Page

Making your Facebook business page look professional is all about quality content and information. You profile image should be a high-resolution image of your logo formatted for social media. Your cover photo should also be a high-resolution image. This can either be a photo that well represents your business or it could be a custom cover image advertisement that matches your profile image.

You'll want to ensure all your contact and about information is filled out in detail. Additionally, using the "Our Story" page is a great way to share the more personal side of your business.

Going into your Facebook page's settings to make your page more searchable/discoverable, control who can post to your page, list it under specific categories, create product/services pages, etc. should also be part of your Facebook page set up. There is so much potential when you dig into your page settings. You don't want to miss out on opportunities, because you're operating under standard settings.

This may seem like a lot, but taking the time to setup your page properly from the start will greatly improve your Facebook marketing results. And if you're still not sure where to start, give me a call and we can discuss setting up your business page.

Using Your Business Page

There are a few things you can do once you've set up your page that will improve the success of your Facebook marketing.

Post frequently. If you aren't posting, no one knows your page exists. Likewise, if you only post every few weeks Facebook's algorithms will filter anything you do post out where no one sees your posts at all. But, if you post at least two or three times a week, Facebook rewards your active status and shows your posts in more news feeds. The more you post, the more your page shows up in folks news feeds and the more your business's following grows.

Create posts with video or photo content. These posts are shown in more news feeds and people are more likely to stop and read a post with an interesting graphic.

Reply as quickly as possible to comments and messages. Download the Facebook Page App to receive notifications about activity on your business page. Then take the time to check your comments and messages daily. This takes a matter of seconds and you're probably going to be looking at your phone at some point anyways. So check your comments and messages and respond to them. This practice not only makes you look professional, but could mean catching more business deals by being responsive. Plus, Facebook favors responsive accounts and will share these pages in more news feeds.

Don't share other page's content on your business page, unless it's one of your business partners or a positive post about your business. If you share content that is not directly related to your page, all you're doing is driving traffic to that other page rather than your own.

Facebook's algorithm is constantly changing so be diligent in keeping up with their recommendations or hire a professional to manage your page for you.

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