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Teresa Martin: The Heart Behind Santa Rosa Equine

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Santa Rosa Equine
Photo by Teresa Martin

As I walked into the barn on a Sunday afternoon, laptop and notepad in tow, Teresa Martin, owner of Santa Rosa Equines, greeted me with a smile. She was shoulder deep ultrasounding one of her mares. Her husband, Don Martin, held the mare’s lead at the front of the stocks and gave me a friendly nod.

“I guess you knew I would be out here, rather than in the house,” she said with a laugh. “Do you mind if I finish up? We just have one more to ultrasound for the day. Make yourself at home.”

Martin, who owns and operates a full-service horse breeding operation on the couple’s homeplace, never takes a day off.

The breeding operation facilities are located outside of Vernon, Texas, in Farmers Valley. Santa Rosa Equines offers stallion management, stallions standing at stud for breeding, artificial insemination of mares to outside stallions, foaling out mares, sale fitting, and year-round boarding. The operation has been more than “30 years of hard work in the making,” and they are not slowing down for retirement any time soon, Teresa Martin said.