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Social Media: Series Introduction

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Social Media
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I touched on social media briefly in my article Why Brand? (your cattle and your business) with the promise of more to come and I'm going to be true to my word.

Social media is an extremely broad topic deserving of plenty of discussion. In this series I'll cover the benefits of social media, while sharing tips and tricks to get the most out of the cheapest form of advertisement available.

There are a couple things we need to keep in mind no matter what platforms we use for what purposes...

Use common sense and be safe.

Social media is a public platform. Yes, even if you have a private account. Everything you post, is out there for anyone of your friends to screenshot. Some privacy settings allow friends of friends to view your posts as well. So just because you have a private account with only a handful of friends doesn't mean your posts won't been seen and shared by strangers.

You're even more in the public eye if you operate a public page. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for public pages when you're trying to build a business, but you must be smart about how much you share.

Just like anything, use caution and discernment with what you post and who may be viewing that content. Don't get too comfortable and use some common sense. The block and report buttons can be a wonderful thing if issues do arise.

Be mindful of the type of content you post.

If you are a professional, represent yourself as such. If you are not a professional, you may decide to become one someday. (I'm looking at you college kids!) Don't post anything you wouldn't be comfortable discussing in a job interview. Most of all be honest and real and represent yourself well. You can do all three!

The same applies to marketing your business or, for most of my clients, your cattle. Be mindful of the type of photos and content you're posting about your animals/products. If it doesn't represent them well, don't post it.

These are the basics to keep in mind before we dive into the details. In the next installments I'll focus on different platforms, boosted posts vs sponsored posts, target audiences, hashtags, photos, and a whole lot more!

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